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So I left a marketing company this year and ended up doing white label work for them. White labeling, for those that don’t know, is when a company says they have a service when they really don’t. Then when they get a client that needs that service they contract out to companies to provide that service. All while claiming it as their own companies work. It’s a common practice for smaller companies.

Well I agreed on a price structure with them and they were great in paying me on time. I decided after 4 months of white label I was done due to being over worked. I just couldn’t continue with all of the other work I had on my plate. So I terminated the contract.

Four months go by and I get a call from my business partner saying we got a new client. This happens to be the last client I had with the marketing company. I didn’t have any problems with this because the client is a good client and they terminated services with the marketing company before soliciting our services. Even though I never signed a noncompete with the marketing company I still wouldn’t steal clients. But they sought me out and my company. I don’t feel bad about it at all.

So the client requests some changes to their site and we do them in the first 12 hours. We notify the client the changes are done and responded saying, “I know. The marketing company did them.” To my surprise the marketing company, trying to keep this client’s business, tried to do the changes by contacting one of my developers to do contract work for them. But they didn’t know what was going on and that the client asked us to make the changes. The developer notified me and I told him the client was ours and to do it with our label. So he did. But the marketing company told the client they did the work.

We had to notify the client that we made the changes and they contacted one of our developers to do the changes AFTER the changes have already been done. AFTER!

We did the changes quickly and accurately. The client loved the work. She cursed the marketing company’s name for the stunt they pulled. And we have a happy client.

What I really hate is that someone was trying to take credit for my work, or my company’s work. If the marketing company took some accountability then they would not have lost the client. It’s not my fault and it wasn’t the client’s fault. It was the marketing companies fault and they need to take ownership of that fact.

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