Bane of the Highways

April 2, 2015 0 Comments kgriffiths 0

Okay, so I am going to vent a minute. I had another annoying run in with the bane of the highways here in Utah.



The Chevy Aveo.

I have found that cheap affordable cars might be great for those trying to save money, but putting a 1.6L 108HP 3 cylinder car on the same highway as my 2015 2.0 turbocharged WRX is just stupid!! I seem to find these cars in the far left lane clogging up traffic. Yes, they are going the speed limit, but that also happens to be the limit of the car’s speed as well. Just because they are hitting their top speed doesn’t give them the right to be in the that lane because, for their car, that’s fast.

I was taught at the age of 16 when learning to drive in Houston, Texas, that the lanes are set up as follows:

A typical 4 lane highway

  • The right lane is for the old and near sighted hazards of the roadways
  • The second lane is for the speed limit conscious minded people
  • The third lane is for the 5 to 10 miles over the speed limit
  • The far left lane is for the ones with the driving ability to cruise at any speed above the speed limit

Now I realize that some of this is totally biased because of how I learned to drive, but I also think this is a suitable solution for all roadways. I would like to also mention I have seen this same bane in the High Occupancy Vehicle,  or HOV, lanes quite often. Here is Utah our HOV lanes have double white lines to tell drivers that they cannot exit the lane until a lane break appears. So Aveos will end up in this HOV lane going an average of 65 mph in a 70 mph zone. Now all of those drivers behind him/her cannot pass or exit the lane. So the HOV lane which is supposed to be a quick solution on the highway turns into a slow jumbled mess. Now since they are going so slow, the drivers behind the obstruction move over at the next lane break causing the lane to the right of them to have to slow down, which in turn slows down all of the traffic behind them. Now you have slow traffic for miles. Then one person, who either isn’t paying attention or has poor mechanic records on their car, hits another driver and now you have a wreck. The wreck now has backed up traffic for several miles causing several drivers to become upset, raising blood pressure to an unsafe levels. Those people die of heart problems after several reiterations of this same exact problem.

Now the Chevy Aveo is a mass murdering tool that can be used by anyone with the smallest of budgets.

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